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IC 5014 Tri Chloro iso Cyanuric Acid ( TCCA 90)
Trichoroicocyanuric acid , or Trichloro - S - Triazine Trione ( TCCA) , belongs to chloroisocyanuric acid . Through out the world it is widely used as a Disinfectant by Swimming Pool & by Water park owners.

Physical and chemicals characteristics of products:

( In conformity with standard ZBG 16009-98)
Molecular weight: 232.41
Effective chlorine contains: 90%
Moisture contents: 0.8%
pH value of 1% solution: 2.7 - 3.3
Solubility (g/100g water): 1.2
LD 50: 750 mg/Kg
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WaterTreatment in Swimming Pool:
The sterilization of swimming pool has been annoying for many years, since water has to be changed frequently without sterilization agent, otherwise, the breeding of bacteria may results in layers of slippery and dirty algae as well as the unpleasant odor. Compared with the most commonly used Ca (C102) sterilization agent, which is difficult to store & which requires additional acid for the adjustment of PH value, TCCA has the following advantages:
  1. After releasing effective chlorine, the remaining cyanuric acid stabilizes the effective chlorine in the water, which is non - toxic.
  2. Basically no chemical reaction in to the water for which no PH regulator is required.
  3. Excellent killing results of any bacteria or algae.
  4. Stable characteristic during storage period.
  5. It does not allow any Scale formation on the Swimming pool surface or on any surface of your expensive swimming pool equipment, like for example water slides.
  6. TCCA is easy to store and requires less space for storage.
  7. TCCA saves your Time & money on the labor costs.
TCCA is an ideal disinfecting agent for the Swimming pool water. The long-term application can keep your Swimming pool clear and free from any algae or Bacteria. Thus it makes your swimming pool & water park look inviting for your potential clients