Water Treatment Chemicals
Plants are the Hearts of water Treatment and Chemicals are the blood flowing through it, they protect equipment- Cooling Tower, Boiler, Condenser& Heat Exchanger & disinfectants the water making it suitable for process utilities and drinking Ourselves a reputed manufacturers of various types of Water Treatment Chemicals & Plants for Cooling Tower, A/c. Plants, Heat Exchanger , Boiler, on turnkey basis, Purifier ,RO, and Swimming Pool accessories etc.
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Lower Your Water Consumption cost.
Improve the effective ness of your water related utilities.
Lower Your operating cost & consumable.
Recycle Your Waste Water.
Harvest Your Rain Water.
Long Term Water Management Planing.
Technical Support & Consultancy
Cooling Tower Treatment supplier
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Industrial Water Treatment Plants
Storage  Tank   Cleaning
Descaling  of  DG  with  Radiators
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water treatment chemicals
Water Treatment Chemicals
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
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Water Treatment Plants
Softner are based on ion exchange process.Our softner are compact
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Range of RO & Water Purifier
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Swimming Pool Chemicals & Accessories
IC 5014 : Tri Chloro iso Cyanuric Acid ( TCCA 90)
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Other Speciality Chemicals
Soak Cleaner for all Metals which removes Oils and other
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Problem Due To Water
Scale is a deposition of Total Hardness present in water i.e. Calcium Carbonate
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