Water Treatment Chemicals
Make your water free of all contaminants and impuritis using our unique water treatment chemicals.

Initiative Chemicals Pvt. Ltd (IPCL) offers a wide range of water treatment chemicals to help you to get the best quality water for your varying purposes and needs. These water treatment chemicals are scientifically proved and are used both for domestic and commercial purposes on large scale. We, at IPCL, provide these chemicals at affordable and very competitive prices.

Here, you will find products like Oxygen Scavenger, Al-gaecide, Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor, Alkalinity Booster and pH conditioner, Defoamer and a host of other products to upgrade the quality of your water. Look these products below in detail to know how they are helpful to you in removing hardness, retarding algal and other biological growth, adjusting pH, and much more.

These water treatment chemicals broadly fall under three groups:
  • Boiler water treatment chemicals
  • Cooling water treatment chemicals
  • Decedents
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
IC 3000 Multi Purpose Boiler Water Conditioner.
IC 3001 Scale Inhibitor and Phosphate Conditioner.
IC 3002 OxygenScavenger and Corrosion Inhibitor.
IC 3003 Catalysed,Hydrazine base Oxygen Scavenger.
IC 3004 Scale Inhibitor for High Pressure Boiler.
IC 3005 Softening Chemicals for boiler(for High pH control).
IC 3006 Alkalinity Booster and pH conditioner.
IC 3007 Vapour Phase Corrosion inhibitor.
IC 3008 Defoamer.
IC 3009 Liquid Antiscalent for Boiler.
IC 3010 Scale Inhibitor for coil type Boiler.
Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
IC 2000 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Cooling Water.
IC 2000 A Improved Scale and Corrosion inhibitor.
IC 2001 Micro-Biocide for controlling Biological growth.
IC 2002 Al-gaecide for Retarding growth of Algae and Slime.
IC 2003 Hardness Reducer & Scale Inhibitor for Cooling Water.
IC 2003 A Improved Hardness Reducer & scale Inhibitor.
IC 2004 Corrosion Inhibitor for Furnace.
IC 2005 Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed Water Circulating System.
IC 2006 Corrosion Inhibitor for Open Circulating System.
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IC 4000 Liquid Descaling Chemicals for Steel/Cast Iron .
IC 4001 Solid Descaling Chemical for Cooper,Aluminium,Brass& Steel.
IC 4002 Liquid Descaling Chemicals for all Metal which form Passivation film Over Metal Surface.
Water Treatment Chemicals
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Plants
Softner are based on ion exchange process.Our softner are compact

Range of RO & Water Purifier
Reverse Osmosis or RO is a standard water purifying proces which is currently

Swimming Pool Chemicals & Accessories
IC 5014 : Tri Chloro iso Cyanuric Acid ( TCCA 90)

Other Speciality Chemicals
Soak Cleaner for all Metals which removes Oils and other

Problem Due To Water
Scale is a deposition of Total Hardness present in water i.e. Calcium Carbonate