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Reverse Osmosis or RO is a standard water purifying process which is currently used all over the world due to its unique scientific procedure of water purification using spiral membrane and reverse osmotic pressure. RO purifiers are strongly recommended by water scientists and medical experts for drinking and cooking purposes and these RO purifiers works well for all kinds of raw water and even municipal water.

Initiative Chemicals Pvt. Ltd (IPCL) has special range of RO units and other water purifiers that helps you in getting absolute contaminant free water which enhances standard of your family’s health. We use advanced technology in manufacturing our RO and other water purifier products that works to purify water to not only meet bit exceed World Health Organization’s potable water criteria. Further, we provide excellent timely servicing and refurbishing facility on our products.

IPCL’s sole motto is to guide you in getting the products that not only keep you safe and healthy but give value to your investment also. Hence, we offer following RO and related products of very high quality at very economical prices:
  • IRO-001
  • IRO-002
  • IRO-003
  • IWP-010
  • IWP-011
  • IWP-012
  • Micron Filter
  • Bottle
Look for detail of these products and choose one or more as per your need.
IRO-001 IRO-002
IRO-003 IWP-010
IWP-012 IWP-011
Micron Filter Bottle
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Range of RO & Water Purifier
Reverse Osmosis or RO is a standard water purifying proces which is currently

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