Other Speciality Chemicals
Chemicals of different nature are used for varying purposes. Their use in the 21st century has greatly increased due to discovery and invention of a lot of equipments and products.

Initiative Chemicals Pvt. Ltd (IPCL) has earned a name in chemical industry. We manufacture a whole lot of chemicals that meet requirements of a range of products. Our chemicals are made as per international standard as we follow all important guidelines while manufacturing them.

Under Specialty chemicals category, you will find products like Emulsifying agent, Degreasing agent, Soak Cleaner, Liquid Soap, Rust and Paint remover, Etc. These chemicals serve a lot of purposes like removing oil, grease and dirt from base metals, reducing solid hardness of water, removing turbidity, enhancing flocculation power, etc.

We also manufacture Sugar Processing Chemicals which include biocides, viscosity reducer, flocculants, etc.  These chemicals destroy bacteria and fungi and prevent inversion losses of sugar. Further, some of these chemicals remove colour and turbidity and enhance the quality of sugarcane juice.

Following are the various chemicals we offer. Please go in detail of each product and put orders for the product you need.

IC 5001 Soak Cleaner for all Metals which removes Oils and other deposits from base metal
IC 5002 Degresing Agent which removes Oil from base Metal .
IC 5003 Solid Hardness Reducer for water used in Dye
IC 5004 Liquid Hardness Reducer for water used in Dye
IC 5005 Emulsifing Agent ( Non – toxic ) for removing fatty Acid & Oils
IC 5006 Effulent Treatment Chemicals in Special Application.
IC 5007 White Liquid Cleaner
IC 5008 Liquid Soap
IC 5009 Polyelectrolytes.
IC 5010 Rust Remover.
IC 5011 Paint Remover.
Sugar Processing Chemicals.
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IC-SU 6000 Biocides for Sugar Cane Jucie.
IC-SU 6001 Uiscosity Reducer.
IC-SU 6002 Flocculant for Cane Sugar Juice.
IC-SU 6003 Antiscalent for Sugar Cane Juice Evaporators.
Water Treatment Chemicals
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Plants
Softner are based on ion exchange process.Our softner are compact

Range of RO & Water Purifier
Reverse Osmosis or RO is a standard water purifying proces which is currently

Swimming Pool Chemicals & Accessories
IC 5014 : Tri Chloro iso Cyanuric Acid ( TCCA 90)

Other Speciality Chemicals
Soak Cleaner for all Metals which removes Oils and other

Problem Due To Water
Scale is a deposition of Total Hardness present in water i.e. Calcium Carbonate